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Doors of Dublin

Buildings in Dublin used to be heavily regulated in terms of how their exteriors could be altered (not very much). The only thing that could be changed was the doors, so Dubliners took a lot of pride in their unique and beautiful doors. This could explain why there could be a market for a store like 'Knobs and Knockers' not just because of the cheeky name.

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Dublin _2014_03_14_15-33-24_DSC_4556_©LindsayBerger2014

Dublin _2014_03_16_12-32-10_DSC_5145_©LindsayBerger2014

Dublin _2014_03_16_13-30-34_DSC_5187_©LindsayBerger2014 - Version 2

Dublin _2014_03_16_13-32-30_DSC_5191_©LindsayBerger2014

Dublin _2014_03_16_13-34-49_DSC_5196_©LindsayBerger2014

Dublin _2014_03_16_17-05-16_DSC_5304_©LindsayBerger2014

Dublin _2014_03_16_21-23-18_DSC_5385_©LindsayBerger2014

Dublin _2014_03_14_17-00-53_IMG_4708_©LindsayBerger2014

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