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Georgia's Journey of Hope 2014

These are some of my shots from Georgia's Journey of Hope, a fundraiser for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) research. SMA is like ALS, but it affects babies and is always fatal. My friend and coworker Mike Lucas and his wife Kristen lost their daughter Georgia to this heartbreaking disease. There have been some encouraging results with stem cell therapy, which could actually lead to a cure for ALS, too. There is some more information about the run here and about Georgia's illness here Thanks and kudos to my employer, Great-West Life for matching the donations raised by the Great-West Life team. It really makes me proud to work for a great company. I was happy to do my part to help by taking photos at the event, which was very well attended on this beautiful, foggy autumn day.

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GJH _2014_09_21_08-09-35_DSC_1346_©LindsayBerger2014

GJH _2014_09_21_08-21-15_DSC_1365_©LindsayBerger2014

GJH _2014_09_21_08-21-33_DSC_1367_©LindsayBerger2014

GJH _2014_09_21_08-22-09_DSC_1368_©LindsayBerger2014

GJH _2014_09_21_08-45-12_DSC_1413_©LindsayBerger2014

GJH _2014_09_21_09-05-58_DSC_1452_©LindsayBerger2014

GJH _2014_09_21_09-21-07_DSC_1531_©LindsayBerger2014

GJH _2014_09_21_09-21-46_DSC_1537_©LindsayBerger2014

GJH _2014_09_21_09-21-55_DSC_1545_©LindsayBerger2014

GJH _2014_09_21_09-39-19_DSC_1629_©LindsayBerger2014

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