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I am an information technology (IT) consultant and photography enthusiast based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I specialize in services related to developing database application software, and I have experience with many different types of businesses and software applications.

I am employed as a senior systems analyst, but am interested in small part-time consulting opportunities (and photo shoots).

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  • Sunrise and sun dogs

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    Sunrise and sun dogsMonday morning. Winnipeg. Winter.LaBP _2017_09_30_17-30-38_DSC_7005_©LindsayBerger2017LaBP _2017_09_30_18-02-01_DSC_7060_©LindsayBerger2017LaBP _2017_09_30_18-00-55_DSC_7052_©LindsayBerger2017LaBP _2017_09_30_18-00-54_DSC_7051_©LindsayBerger2017LaBarriere Park in Fall  LaBP _2017_09_30_16-58-18_DSC_6980_©LindsayBerger2017GJH _2017_09_24_10-29-50_DSC_6970_©LindsayBerger2017GJH _2017_09_24_10-29-11_DSC_6969_©LindsayBerger2017GJH _2017_09_24_10-27-56_DSC_6965_©LindsayBerger2017GJH _2017_09_24_10-07-19_DSC_6934_©LindsayBerger2017GJH _2017_09_24_10-26-06_DSC_6955_©LindsayBerger2017

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